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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Due to natural disasters FMCSA temporarily suspends certain regulations


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has temporarily suspended certain trucking regulations in several Western states in order to speed up transportation of supplies, equipment and people into and from the state and provide necessary relief.

These regulations have been suspended due to large wildfires caused by hot and dry conditions in the Northwest. In Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota, an emergency suspension of certain transportation rules was made due to massive wildfires and severe drought conditions affecting livestock, property, and people.

Governors have declared states of emergency in Oregon, Washington, California, Montana, and North and South Dakota.

Hours of service is the most significant regulation suspended. Also, drivers responding to provide “direct assistance” to an “emergency” are exempt from applicable regulations in all States on their route to the emergency, even though those States may not be involved in the emergency or stated in the declaration of emergency.

The exemption doesn’t apply to the requirements relating to CDL, drug/alcohol, hazardous materials, size & weight, or State/Federal registration and tax requirements unless a Governor specifically says so.

The U.S. has experienced several natural disasters in the last month.