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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Drivers and Carriers Disagree on Driver Shortage.


In a recent report from the American Transportation Research Institute, motor carriers listed the driver shortage and driver retention as their top 2 concerns regarding the state of the trucking industry. However, commercial drivers placed both issues much lower; fifth for driver retention and ninth for the shortage. In fact, commercial drivers listed hours of service, truck parking, and the ELD mandate as their top 3 concerns.

“If the driver shortage is No. 1 and driver retention is No. 2 for carriers, then they better care about what’s on the drivers’ list,” ATRI President, Rebecca Brewster said. “I think it’s interesting when the shortage shows up on the drivers’ side of the equation, personally, because that means they are feeling the effects of there not being enough drivers to go around.”

The American Transportation Research Institute received approximately 1,500 responses from both motor carriers and commercial drivers. The report is designed to help address each issue strategically in the future.