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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Do trucking companies really exploit their owner/operators? What is your opinion?

For some time now, countless truckers have been raising their voices regarding not making enough money while driving for a company as owner/operators. The compensation they receive from the companies they work for is not even sufficient enough to pay their monthly bills. In fact, after all their expenses have been paid, many are taking home little or no money. Credit cards of these owner/operators are being maxed out, with little hope of paying them off. The trucking companies, in turn, are blaming the recession and say that even they are having a difficult time staying afloat during these hard times. Although it is not applicable to all companies, owner/operators still blame trucking companies for the mediocre pay they receive. In fact, some of these truckers say that company drivers are making more money than owner/operators. So it seems that the problem may lie in price undercutting and competition between trucking companies than the recession itself.

What do you think are the real causes of owner/operators not making enough money? Do you think that this comment is even fair and true? “Desi Trucking Magazine” is making an effort to get to the bottom of this issue in order to educate our readers and those in the trucking industry. Currently, we are in the process of meeting with industry professionals to discuss the matter. Our only purpose is to ensure that this industry is profitable for everyone who is involved in it.

What is your opinion? We encourage you to go to our new website, www.desitrucking.com to vote on this issue. Remember that you will not need to provide any personal information – just your opinion.