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Monday, May 27, 2024

Diesel Fuel Price Down First Time Since November


The average price of a gallon of on-highway diesel went down 1.2 cents to $2.585 per gallon for the week ending Monday, Jan. 16. This marks the first decrease after six straight weeks of increases.

Diesel price averages went down in all 10 regions in the U.S., according to the Energy Information Administration. The largest average decrease was in the Gulf Coast and West Coast less California regions, where prices at the pump went down by 1.9 cents per gallon. Prices decreased by two-tenths of a cent in the New England region, the smallest decrease in the nation.

Following are the average prices by region as reported by the EIA:

U.S. – $2.585, down 1.2 cents
East Coast – $2.636, down 1.2 cents
New England – $2.675, down two-tenths of a cent
Central Atlantic – $2.804, down nine-tenths of a cent
Lower Atlantic – $2.511, down 1.5 cents
Midwest – $2.547, down six-tenths of a cent
Gulf Coast – $2.429, down 1.9 cents
Rocky Mountain – $2.538, down three-tenths of a cent
West Coast – $2.855, down 1.8 cents
West Coast less California – $2.755, down 1.9 cents
California – $2.937, down 1.6 cents