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Descartes Acquires PCSTrac

Descartes Acquires PCSTrac
Descartes Systems Group acquired substantially all of the assets of the business of PCSTrac, Inc. including certain related assets of Progressive Computer Services Inc. dba PCS Technologies (collectively referred to as “PCSTrac”).

According to the company, PCSTrac helps specialty retailers and their logistics service providers collaborate to improve carton-level visibility for shipments from distribution centers (DCs) to stores. PCSTrac’s solutions provide visibility and insight into the store replenishment supply chain, helping increase sales, enhance loss prevention, and improve inventory control. Logistics service providers use the system to improve efficiencies and customer service levels with solutions that are pre-configured to meet each retailer’s delivery compliance expectations.

Like Descartes’ Bearware platform, PCSTrac also supports pool distribution, which helps retailers reduce logistics costs and minimize store disruptions by eliminating unconsolidated direct shipments from suppliers and retailer distribution centers, the company added.

“Although store sales still represent the majority of revenues for specialty retailers, the continued rise in ecommerce and omni-channel retailing put more pressure on retailers to find new ways to compete and meet the ever-increasing expectations of the consumer,” said Ken Wood, executive vice president of product management at Descartes. “Part of the challenge is to make sure you have the right goods, in the right location, at the right time and for the lowest cost. Having forward-deployed inventory and affordable last-mile store fulfilment infrastructure is an effective way to meet these expectations, and also sets the stage for last-mile customer fulfilment for home delivery.”

“Our combination with PCSTrac complements our previous investment in BearWare and shows our commitment to providing our customers with tools to manage an increasingly complex omni-channel environment,” said Edward J. Ryan, Descartes’ CEO. “By combining two market leaders in carton-level tracking and pool distribution with our Global Logistics Network, we can bring increased efficiencies to both retailers and their logistics service providers.”

PCSTrac is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. The purchase price for the acquisition was approximately US $11.25 million in cash.