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Friday, March 1, 2024

Continental presents VDO RoadLog Office Advanced


Continental is now offering VDO RoadLog Office Advanced, an online tool for compliance reporting and fleet management. The system is designed to allow fleet managers to automatically send and receive data to and from the VDO RoadLog ELD Plus.

According to the company, VDO RoadLog Office Advanced offers near real-time track and trace for drivers and  vehicles as well as mapping that shows when and where vehicles have traveled over multiple days. The company added that the system eliminates manual work for reporting hours of service, state mileage reporting, and pre/post trip inspection reports.

VDO RoadLog Office Advanced also provides automatic log auditing and archiving. Log violations reports can be generated and printed for review with drivers. In addition, VDO RoadLog Office Advanced allows managers to monitor driver availability remotely and to organize drivers and vehicles into groups, the company noted