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Monday, May 27, 2024

CITT to honour Certified Pogistics Professionals

CITT, over the next few weeks, is going to recognize logistics professionals who’ve completed its CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP) course.

Evenings of celebration and networking are planned in nine Canadian cities. They’re open to the entire supply chain logistics community, CITT announced.

“The CCLP Certification Celebrations are great events for both the CITT community and industry as a whole. They put the spotlight on the many hours of course work, practical experience, and dedication to excellence of the professionals who become CCLPs” said Catherine Viglas, president of CITT. “It’s also a perfect opportunity to network with logistics experts, whether you’re looking for conversation on a hot-button topic or potential new business partners from across industry. If you want a chance to talk shop with some of the brightest minds in the profession – both up-and-coming and senior – you won’t want to miss your local celebration.”

The series kicks off May 28 in Toronto. RSVP to any of the events by visiting CITT’s Web site at www.CITT.ca/events or e-mail JTraer@citt.ca.

Here are a list of dates: May 28, Toronto; June 2, Ajax, Ont.; June 4, Kitchener, Ont.; June 11, Montreal, Que.; June 15, Burnaby, B.C.; June 16, Edmonton, Alta.; June 17, Calgary, Alta.; June 18, Winnipeg, Man.; June 23, Saint John, N.B.