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Carriers Report Encouraging Experience with ACI

Port level education and shipper communication needed to address problems

(Ottawa, Sept. 14, 2012) — In preparation for the commencement of mandatory ACI eManifest for highway carriers on November 1, 2012, the Canadian Trucking Alliance has surveyed its members to gauge experience with ACI so far.

“Respondents to our survey reported that while there are issues to address, implementation of ACI is going well,” said David Bradley, CEO of CTA. “Feedback from our early adopters is necessary to address these problems before mandatory implementation.”

CTA surveyed its national membership, requesting feedback on ACI implementation from those currently submitting eManifests. Respondents to CTA’s survey said that many of the issues they experience with ACI are at the port level and that further education is needed to clarify the process at the border.

“It is clear that CBSA must engage in further education of its port officers on the ACI process to avoid confusion at the border,” explained Bradley. “While a learning curve can be expected with new initiatives, our number one priority is that trucks are not unnecessarily delayed.”

At the policy level, only a few issues remain unclear. However, CTA will be addressing these issues with CBSA later this week. As well, CTA members reported that many of their US customers are not prepared for ACI.  With only seven weeks remaining until the advance data requirements become mandatory for all trucks arriving at the border, time is running out.

“Communication is key so all trade partners understand the information requirements come November 1, 2012 and the resulting implications six months down the road when penalties will be issued and trucks may be turned around at the border,” explained Bradley.

CTA continues to work with CBSA to address outstanding issues related to ACI and to get the message out to carriers and their customers.  CTA members who would like to view the complete results of the survey or provide additional feedback on ACI implementation may contact Deanna.pagnan@cantruck.ca