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Canadian Pallet Council closing


The Canadian Pallet Council is closing its doors. In a memo dated March 25th, 2015, president Belinda Junkin shared the news with members.

The decision was made by the members at a special general meeting on March 23rd.

“The closure is the result of the loss of members over the last few years, and most significantly, the recent loss of all major distributor support. There is no longer a viable network of members willing or able to exchange CPC pallets,” Junkin’s memo stated.

CPC was formed by the Grocery Retailers Association and Grocery Manufacturing Association in 1977, 38 years ago. Originally called the GPMC Pallet (Grocery Product Manufacturers of Canada), it was created to manage the increasing use of the 48- by 40-inch four-way entry wooden pallet.

Just eight years ago the Council was going strong with over seven million pallets in circulation.

Immediate steps are being taken towards the closure of the CPC with the expectation that all active operations will cease by the end of May 2015.
During the period that CPC operations are maintained, the CPC will continue to respond to members, however response times are expected to be longer. The CPC will also sell Bills of Lading during this period so long as it has inventory.

For more information contact the CPC at 905-372-1871 or via email at info@cpcpallet.com.