Canadian Debut of eCascadia at 2022 APNA Truck Show

On June 18th, Freightliner Trucks, in association with First Truck Centre, unveiled the new eCascadia at the 2022 APNA Truck Show in Abbotsford, BC. Built on the best-selling heavy-duty truck platform in North America, the new battery electric Freightliner eCascadia provides customers with a zero-emission version of the industry-leading Cascadia and showcasd its innovative safety and connectivity features.

Extensive development and rigorous testing through several prototypes and customer-tested trucks, resulted in a powerful and efficient battery electric truck with multiple battery and drive axle options, providing a typical range of 230 miles (depending on vehicle configurations). The eCascadia is ideally suited for short-haul routes that allow for depot-based charging, examples of which include last mile logistics, local and regional distribution, drayage and warehouse to warehouse applications.

Some of the key features of the new eCascadia include:

  • 320-470 hp (Horsepower)
  • Typical range of 230 miles (depending on vehicle configurations)1
  • Multiple battery options and maximum capacity of almost 440 kWh2
  • Recharge of 80 percent in approximately 90 minutes
  • Up to 82,000 lbs max GCW (Gross Combination Weight)
  • Available with single or tandem eAxle
  • 116” day cab configuration

Detroit, manufacturer of state-of-the-art engines, axles and transmissions, is the power behind the eCascadia. The in-house developed Detroit ePowertrain is designed for a full integration with the eCascadia for maximum power, increased driving dynamics, and driver comfort, all with zero emission.

Connectivity plays a critical role in successful freight operations. Innovative Detroit Connect eServices have been exclusively developed for eCascadia and offer features that allow for maximum uptime, productivity, and profitability.

An in-house developed Charger Management System (CMS) is integrated directly into the Detroit Connect portal. CMS provides reports about depot utilization, data for grant compliance and Low Carbon Fuel Standard credit reporting, and can strategically save fleets money by leveraging demand-response incentives from local utilities.

The eRange prediction tool automatically and accurately calculates and displays range over the course of a proposed trip. To give the most accurate indication possible, the tool analyzes multiple data inputs including vehicle parameters, load, weather, traffic, and road gradient. eRange Prediction allows for testing of “what-if” scenarios and performs analysis.

Another useful feature is the Battery Health Monitoring System, which tracks and gives visibility into the eCascadia battery’s state-of-health percentage, state-of-charge percentage, remaining range miles, and charging status. Post-trip analysis gives actionable information to improve the eCascadia’s performance, utilization, and driver training. Based on actual trip data, users can visualize and quantify operational differences between trips. Outlying data is highlighted so that managers can easily identify exceptional situations.

The eCascadia was a definite highlight at the 2022 APNA Truck Show, with thousands of people getting a first-hand look at the future of electric trucks.

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