Another Truck Hits Overpass – This Time in Richmond, BC

By: Jag Dhatt

The scene is becoming all too common in the Lower Mainland of BC; another commercial vehicle has hit an overpass. This time, the incident took place in the southbound lane of Knight Street during the morning commute.

According to Richmond RCMP, on February 10th, “it was determined that a commercial vehicle was towing a dump trailer in the raised position and it failed to clear the overpass. The commercial vehicle was located some distance away, as it was severed from the trailer unit, which was still lodged underneath the overpass.”

Knight Street, a major artery connecting Vancouver to Richmond, was closed for many hours while police investigated the incident. Thankfully, no one was injured.

According to police and the Richmond Road Safety Unit, which has taken over the investigation along with the CVSE, the driver of the commercial vehicle is not co-operating with investigators.

According to experts in commercial vehicle safety, this accident was completely avoidable. Either the driver did not conduct a proper pre-trip inspection or a safety mechanism in the vehicle was not operating.

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