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Saturday, September 23, 2023

ALK integrates PC*MILER 30 with TMW System

ALK integrates PC*MILER 30 with TMW System

ALK Technologies announced PC*MILER 30 is now tested and approved in TMW’s portfolio of transportation and fleet management products, including:

ExpertFuel software
TMWSuite 2016 0311 software
TMW Operations 16.40.10139 software
TruckMate 2016 software
TruckMate 2015 SP3 software
IES, Innovative Access and Access Plus software

“Being able to offer TMW’s large and diverse customer base access to PC*MILER’s latest software enhancements is a real success for us,” said Bill Maddox, vice president of PC*MILER, ALK Technologies. “The new functionality can streamline operations in both the back office and on the road with planning features that focus on efficiency, safety, and compliance.”

According to the company, users will gain access to the latest street-level maps of North America with updated addresses, roadways, and commercial vehicle restrictions for precise mileages, drive times, and overall trip cost estimates.

The company noted that customers will have the option to benefit from additional PC*MILER 30 features including:
New weather visualization and reporting tool for making critical decisions to route drivers safely around a potentially hazardous area, notify customers of a potential delay, or simply monitor the route throughout the designated alert times

More precise ETAs and drive times with the choice to set governor road speeds
Improved Hours of Service (HOS) compliance tools to keep drivers safe and compliant