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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Action Hero Tow Truck Operator

A quick-thinking tow truck operator employed action-hero efforts to thwart the efforts of a thief who tried to steal his rig.

Brody Leimer, 23, was working roadside in Calgary, Alberta, on Sept. 8 when his truck began driving away with him inside the disabled car that was partially loaded onto the back.

Brody jumped from the vehicle onto the hood of his tow truck. Climbing to the passenger side of his truck, he somehow managed to open the passenger door of the truck and swing inside.

Once inside the tow truck, Brody was able to overpower the thief and forced him to stop, before kicking him from the cab.

Aaron Omeasoo-Stephens, 20, was arrested and charged with impaired driving, two counts of theft and driving without a license.