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Thursday, May 30, 2024

XYpper Smart Load Dispatch Management System goes live

XYpper Inc is pleased to announce the XYpper Smart Load Dispatch Management System (S.L.D.M.S.) is now live.

XYpper S. L.D.M.S has been in development for more than five years. The beta testing has proven the reliability of all facets of the system now available to everyone in the Supply Chain to help improve efficiencies at all levels.

Whether you are a small business owner operator trucker or a large fleet, XYpper S.L.D.M.S. works for you. If you are a Load Broker or Direct Shipper, the XYpper S. L.D.M.S.works for you.

XYpper S.L.D.M.S. increases your stable of suitable equipment capacity at no cost to you.

XYpper S.L.D.M.S. improves the speed with which you can turn shipping orders into cash in hand.

XYpper S.L.D.M.S. eliminates the need to waste time telephoning a large number of potentials in order to find that one who is available with the right equipment and capacity to move your freight.

The XYpper S.L.D.M.S. automatically sources the right truck with the right capacity to deliver your freight on time every time.

The XYpper S.L.D.M.S. instantly and proactively analyzes the available trucks within close proximity to the load, with the right equipment and ability to match your requirements, notifies those matching the criteria and then only those meeting the criteria make contact with you to complete the pick up and delivery. No need to waste time on those who are going to refuse the load.

From the truckers point of view, The XYpper S.L.D.M.S. will only offer a load when you want to find a load. If you’re on downtime, the XYpper S.L.D.M.S. doesn’t say “Oh, do me this one favour”

According to Valerio Lanzieri, President of XYpper Inc and developer of the Smart Load Dispatch Management System, “did you ever wish you could have a dispatcher search and send you available loads, take care of all the paperwork including BOL, Order Confirmation, POD and Invoice your customers instantly upon delivery? Well Xypper Smart Load Dispatch System does all that for you. It‘s like having a smart dispatcher behind the scenes working exclusively for you.“

Xypper uses state of the art patented technology to work for you as your virtual dispatcher.

Smart Load Dispatch Management System may be downloaded at: www.xypper.com or from your App Store for free.

The only cost is when a load deal is negotiated and that cost is one half of one percentage point for both parties.