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XYpper – Competitive Trucking For All

The six years of development has happened; the beta testing done and the feedback was tremendous; XYpper.com version 1.0 launches 15 Sep 2016. You can sign up now.

Xypper – Competitive Trucking For All.

Small Business Owner Operator Truckers

XYpper introduces a revolutionary, game changing system for the trucking industry. A system designed by truckers for truckers.

Truckers are underrated, taken advantage of, struggle to compete, wait long hours or days to earn the smallest piece of the pie, are often forced to run empty. Stop the madness!!

Xypper has the system that controls your destiny. With Xypper no more wasting time searching for loads, no more sitting for days at truck stops empty desperately waiting for a load, no more dealing with tedious paperwork, earn your fair share.

Xypper allows you to offer your clients tracking capabilities and automated document handling all in 1 system.

Earn your fair share, no more cheap loads.

XYpper allows you to bargain for loads from a position of strength. Xypper sends you load offers while you are driving before delivering your well paying load or stopped waiting at the truck stop. The choice is now yours.

Coming Soon!

Deal with the best brokers out there. Xypper advises you of each brokers credit score and payment trend to allow you to choose whether to accept or refuse the loads according to their ratings and your standards