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XL Specialized Trailers introduces galvanized lowboys

XL Specialized Trailers introduces galvanized lowboys

XL Specialized Trailers introduced its first galvanized lowboys at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) here. The Mechanical Detachable Extendable (MDE) model is designed to combine the advantages of an extendable lowboy with the anti-corrosion benefits of galvanizing.

XL builds its galvanized units with the same high-quality T-1 flange, 80K web as their other lowboys. The hot-dip galvanizing process creates a durable barrier between the elements and the steel, and also enables the trailer to withstand harsh weather and road conditions. For durability on the loading area, the unit features Apitong decking on the front, main and rear deck. In addition to the MDE trailer, XL is also releasing a galvanized MFG Mini-Deck model at the show.

The 80 MDE on display at MATS has an overall capacity of 80,000 pounds overall and 80,000 pounds in 16 feet closed.

Multiple extension stops allow users to extend the 48-foot long trailer to a variety of lengths. XL’s patented Extend-A-Trac system allows drivers to extend and retract the trailer without hooking or unhooking air and electric lines. The process is meant to be quick and smooth, with 6-inch greasable rollers that incorporate oil-impregnated bronze bushings. In addition, the main deck of the MDE trailer is 29 feet long and extends out to 50 feet 4 inches to handle long loads.

The two-axle trailer and flip axle combo, with a 36-inch flip neck, works well with a four-axle truck. A detachable 10-foot long gooseneck has a locking toolbox with work light.

The trailer boasts several tie-down options throughout. The neck features rub rail and stake pockets, while the main deck has removable swing out outriggers and nine D-rings per side, as well as two more D-rings in the tail channel.

A 25,000-pound air ride suspension features a raise and lower valve and manual ride height, making it easy to adjust rear ride height. Disc brakes, dust shields and aluminum polished outside rims make the XL 80 MDE driver-friendly.

A five-year structural warranty comes standard on all XL lowboys, including the newly galvanized XL 80 MDE. To learn more about XL Specialized Trailers, visit www.xlspecializedtrailer.com.