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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Worst Detention Cities

 According to FreightWaves Chief Insight Officer, Dean Croke, industry leaders should be looking at a key inefficiency in the trucking industry known as detention, to help alleviate the driver shortage.

Based on FreightWaves SONAR data from 135 markets, in 2018 truck drivers waited at shipping docks for 2.5 hours [on average]. Additionally, a survey from DAT Solutions uncovered that only 3 percent of drivers said they receive detention pay for at least 90% of their claims to the shippers.

According to FreightWaves, the 10 cities with the worst detention times are as follows:

  1. Fresno, California: an average of 331 minutes
  2. Erie, Pennsylvania: an average of 323 minutes
  3. Rochester, New York: an average of 279 minutes
  4. South Bend, Indiana: an average of 267 minutes
  5. El Paso, Texas: an average of 253 minutes
  6. Shreveport, Louisiana: an average of 237 minutes
  7. Duluth, Minnesota: an average of 231 minutes
  8. Little Rock, Arkansas: an average of 230 minutes
  9. Fort Wayne, Indiana: an average of 223 minutes
  10. Laredo, Texas: an average of 212 minutes