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Monday, February 26, 2024

WIX unveils ‘smart’ air filter monitor


A new smart air filter monitoring system dubbed “Senzit” is being launched by WIX Filters that will purportedly deliver a “new level of connectivity” across vehicle types and brands via a package of 10 sensor connected through a central web portal to help reduce equipment downtime and repair costs.

Charles Vaillant, group vice president technology at Mann+Hummel, WIX’s parent company, explained in a statement that Senzit means vehicle operators, mechanics, and fleet managers will no longer need to physically inspect an air filter as the technology will monitor, in real-time, air filter status for each individual pieces of equipment.

“Senzit is a Jack-of-all-trades; it tracks engine hours, provides air filter condition, updates on filter life and GPS location,” added Donald Chilton, director of product management for WIX.

“With engine rebuild costs ranging into the tens-of-thousands, engine protection is on the forefront of most fleet manager’s concerns,” he noted.

For example, Chilton said a mining company that was part of the Senzit trial previously experienced engine failure due to dust ingestion, costing nearly $20,000 in repairs and resulting in one month of equipment downtime.

“With the aid of real-time monitoring technology, companies like this one could avoid damaged filters that contribute to engine failure; with the Senzit mobile app and web portal, users can quickly view service needs of their entire fleet from a single portal,” Chilton said.

The device also tracks operating engine hours of each connected vehicle, he pointed out.

“For many fleets, engine hours are the most accurate way to dictate service intervals,” he explained. “With Senzit’s ability to measure and electronically report information, users will be able to better predict maintenance and turn unplanned downtime into planned downtime.”

Chilton also noted that Senzit goes “beyond the air filter” to help make any vehicle – even an older model – a connected vehicle. It mounts to the air filter housing to collect data and the cellular network to transmit the data to the cloud, he said, so even the older vehicles can be monitored in real-time.