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Friday, April 19, 2024

WIT partner with Feeding America

The Women In Trucking Association began a partnership with the nonprofit organization Feeding America to assist their efforts to fight hunger on a national level. The first step was in creating awareness for drivers and carriers to contact Feeding America if they have a load that has been rejected by the customer for some reason. The organization can then assess the practicality of accepting the load for its network of over 200 food banks in the United States.

To make the donation process easier, Women In Trucking Association has added a “Rejected Loads-Feeding America” button in its app. Anyone can download the app for Android or iOS by searching for “Women In Trucking Association.” The app is free, and drivers are encouraged to download it now for future reference. The app will connect a driver to the nearest Feeding America food bank.

Feeding America accepts good, safe surplus food that is still nutritious, but has been rejected for reasons unrelated to the edible use of the product. Although the organization focuses on food donations, it also accepts items that can offset financial burdens for those it serves, such as bath and beauty products, paper goods, toys, and clothing.

While the food banks are pleased to accept the product at their locations, they are often willing and able to meet a driver at a truck stop or shipping dock if their warehouse is out of the way or if the donation is not a truckload.

The app was created for WIT in 2015 by uFollowit, a leading provider of mobile applications. Since then, it has been used to connect members through social media and to keep them informed of upcoming events, helpful career information, blogs, news and information about the annual Accelerate! Conference and Expo.

Women In Trucking Association is proud to lead the effort to help stop hunger in America by helping drivers and carriers turn rejected freight into meals for hungry families. Those you help could be your neighbor, your friend or even your own family members.