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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Webb Wheel Releases New Brake Drums for Refuse Trucks


The brakes on most refuse trucks usually take a beating with the constant stop and go demands required in the job as compared to standard commercial vehicles. With this mind, Webb Wheel’s Severe Duty unit has designed and released a new lineup of Vortex brakes specifically designed for refuse trucks. These new brake drums dissipate heat much more efficiently and lower the average brake operating temperature, resulting in longer life and thus, reduced costs.

According to Webb, after fuel and tires, brakes are usually the third highest cost. By developing a premium product for refuse applications, Webb says its new brake drums will extend brake life and friction life and may even improve tire costs because excessive heat has a direct and negative impact on tire life.

Webb underwent severe testing of its new brake drums in the refuse industry and results clearly showed considerably lower braking temperature. There are new six new drums available in various sizes to fit multiple applications.