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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

US Steps Up Enforcement of HVUT Tax: Are you In Compliance?

Last fall, we reported on the possible increased enforcement by US officials on Canadian firms regarding payment of the federal heavy vehicle use tax.

This tax is required for all Canadian trucking firms that meet the federal US 5,000- mile threshold. Heightened enforcement of the tax could lead to costly problems for companies whose vehicles are not in compliance with requirements set forth by the IRS.

This memo (click here to access) prepared by the tax firm Deloitte explains the tax in more detail  as well as compliance and potential changes to the enforcement of filing requirements imposed upon foreign vehicles entering the United States.

Proof of payment of the tax must be presented to U.S.  Customs officials upon entry of such taxable vehicle into the U.S. If the operator is unable to provide proof of payment of the tax, then the vehicle may be denied entry into the U.S.

OTA and CTA has received calls  from western carrier members confirming the heightened interest from US officials regarding payment of the HVUT. OTA would advise its members to have payment in order if they are doing business in the US.