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Unified Registration System On Hold Again


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Unified Registration System was set to go into effect Jan. 14, 2017 and would be the only way to get a DOT number or register your operating authority.

The URS rule applies to all interstate motor carriers, freight forwarders, brokers, intermodal equipment providers, hazardous materials safety permit applicants/holders, and cargo tank manufacturing and repair facilities under FMCSA’s jurisdiction. Mexican-domiciled carriers conducting long-haul operations are exempt.

The URS requires online registration, uses the U.S. DOT number as a sole identifier, imposes a new fee schedule, and keeps a record of financial responsibility and form BOC-3. It replaces multiple forms and the registration functions of several systems such as the Licensing and Insurance System and the Motor Carrier Management Information System.

It was designed to simplify the process of registering, to reduce paperwork and errors, and to make it possible to electronically screen all applications to identify high-risk carriers, including potential reincarnated carriers.

Effective Jan. 14, 2017, the URS rule is suspended. The rule was originally set to go into effect last September and was delayed until Jan. 14.

Migrating multiple databases into one cloud-based database is taking longer than expected. The FMCSA also wants more time to test compatibility with each state agency and provide thorough training to ensure a seamless transition.

The suspension is indefinite and until a new effective date is set, truckers, brokers and other entities needing to file should follow the same procedures and forms used to submit to FMCSA as they do now.