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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

UCR fees expected to be set next week

 FMCSA announced that the final rule setting the UCR fees for 2019 year will be published in the Federal Register next week. 

The UCR Board of Directors has delayed the beginning of UCR registration for 2019 until the rule was published, so the anticipated appearance of the rule in the Register would open the registration process as soon as next week.

The proposed UCR fees for 2019 will range from $63 for carriers and freight forwarders that operate no vehicles or no more than two vehicles, as well as all brokers and leasing companies covered by UCR, on up to a fee of $60,441 for motor carrier or freight forwarder fleets of more than 1,000 vehicles.

Proposed fees for 2019:

Number of trucks.        Fee

0-2.                              $63

3-5.                            $187

6-20.                          $372

21-100.                   $1,299

101-1,000.              $6,190

1,001 and above.   $60,441

Those fees are subject to change in the final rule to publish next week.

The UCR Board has requested all states to hold off on enforcement of the 2019 registration requirements for 90 days following the opening of annual registration. 

That should make the enforcement date some time toward the end of March 2019.