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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

TruckStop.com Introduces Integrated Load Tracking Solution

Truckstop.com announced the release of its new, integrated Load Tracking solution within its freight-matching marketplace. Truckstop.com also announced a new mobile application, Truckstop Mobile, for carriers.

Load Tracking gives brokers and carriers the ability to interact directly through Truckstop Mobile. Carriers will also have the ability to receive tracking requests on their mobile device, the company said.

“Our goal is to help our members be more successful. This is a big step in automating existing processes while enhancing the user experience,” said Thayne Boren, general manager of Truckstop.com’s Mobile Solutions. “It’s a product our members have been asking for and something that will improve visibility on their freight movement. Brokers are more likely to select carriers who participate in load tracking to move their freight. Carriers who use this service will have greater opportunities for success.”

With Truckstop Mobile, carriers can view load details, pick up and drop information, and submit check calls directly through the app, according to the company. Carriers will also be able to reduce interruptive phone calls as Load Tracking is built into the Truckstop Mobile app, giving carriers the ability to offer load tracking from pick-up to delivery, the company noted. Carriers do not need a Truckstop.com freight matching subscription to use the load tracking service within the mobile app.

Brokers are able to receive updates on a load throughout the process, seeing when the load was picked up, where it is, what route the carrier is taking and when the load is delivered. According to the company, brokers will get enhanced visualization of the load en route, will receive electronic documentation, and can share that information with shippers and other transportation partners.

“This completely automates the process,” Boren said. “We are very excited about Load Tracking and Truckstop Mobile.”

Truckstop Pro customers will receive 100 free tracks monthly when they sign up for Load Tracking, while any Truckstop.com member with broker authority will get a promotional opportunity to utilize five free tracks within the first 60 days of Load Tracking and Truckstop Mobile post-launch, the company added.