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Trucking Industry Wants Motorists To Be Safe During Traffic Incident Response Week



Responders and motorists are exposed to great risk during emergency response activities, but did you know nearly 13% of firefighters and police officers who die in the line of duty are killed in vehicle-related incidents?

Traffic incidents are the number one cause of death for emergency responders.

This week, American Trucking Associations and their America’s Road Team are observing Traffic Incident Response Week and encourage all motorists to responsibly react to emergency responders.

“Because safety on the roads is our industry’s chief concern, it is clear that efforts like Traffic Incident Response Week are aligned with our priorities and amplify the work of America’s Road Team,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear.

“Emergency responders put themselves at risk every day in order to save lives, prevent injury, and enforce our nation’s laws. Trucking could not be more supportive of their mission.”

Traffic Incident Response Week runs from November 13-19.

The Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, its key partners and responders around the country will be marking the second annual Traffic Incident Response Week. Responders, community leaders and preparedness organizations will use the week to prepare drivers and local public safety professionals to take safe action to prevent responder, driver or passenger deaths during emergency response scenarios. Law enforcement officers, fire and rescue professionals, safety service patrols, emergency medical professionals, vehicle towers and public works and transportation crews will talk to community groups about the dangers that drivers, passengers, pedestrians and those who rush to their help face while responding to emergencies.

“Professional truck drivers throughout North America appreciate the dedication that law enforcement and emergency responders have for their roles in public safety,” said America’s Road Team Captain Charlton Paul Jr. of UPS Freight. “This week, there should be extra praise given to the men and women that serve the general public and improve the overall safety of the roads and all motorists should be aware of emergency situations in order to make their jobs safer.”

Traffic Incident Response Week occurs in the midst of a busy travel season at a time when inclement weather can make for difficult driving conditions. In coming weeks, traffic volumes are expected to increase as motorists travel between communities or states for Thanksgiving. America’s Road Team Captains suggest drivers inspect vehicles prior to extended travel to ensure all vehicle components are in working order. Captains also recommend traveling with emergency supplies including food, water, blankets, flashlights and other critical tools.