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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Trucking Biz Lags in Social Media

Freight carriers are starting to put down the CB radio in favour of social media when it comes to inter-industry communication, but still lag many other business-to-business companies.

According to a survey by Carrier Logistics, over two-thirds of the top 100 freight haulers have some sort of social media presence. Of those using social media, 80% have a Facebook page, 72% use LinkedIn and 64% use Twitter and/or use Google+.

While that appears to be a strong showing, transportation companies use social media less than the average business-to-business company, says Gary Snyder, business development manager for CLI, who conducted the study. Transportation companies also update their social media pages or accounts less frequently that other companies.

Eighty-seven percent of all B2B companies across all industries use social media, and 54% of those companies expect to increase their spending on social media content next year.

“The time has come when transportation companies can no longer afford not to be on social media,” says Ken Weinberg, vice president and co-founder of CLI.  “If you want to be in the trucking business today, you need a presence on social media to secure your place in the industry.”

“While it’s not exactly the case that ‘everyone is doing it,’ the study makes a compelling case for business-to-business organizations in general, and transportation companies in particular, to use social media for brand awareness, customer acquisition, and lead generation,” added Snyder.

Carriers who have taken the social media plunge, or are set to, should check out the Ontario Trucking Association’s growing presence on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn discussion group and join the conversation!