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Trucking Alliance supports advanced vehicle technologies

Trucking Alliance supports advanced vehicle technologies

The Alliance for Driver Safety & Security, also known as the Trucking Alliance, has come out in support of the development of advanced vehicle technologies that still require commercial drivers in a role that utilizes highly automated driving systems, enhancing their safety and security.

The coalition also says they support the use of these technologies to achieve safety performance levels that rival commercial airlines and support other initiatives that focus on drivers and their safety, such as the following:

1. Supports advanced driver assisted technologies in commercial vehicles, rather than commercial vehicles that rely solely on full automation.

2. Believes that commercial drivers are an indispensable asset to the safe operation of commercial vehicles.

3. Maintains the principle that commercial drivers are necessary to improve the safety and security of the general public.

4. Believes that commercial drivers are integral to supply chain accountability, as well as managing unforeseen weather events, emergencies, detours, vehicle conditions, computer software programs, cyber security disruptions, cargo security, and in providing efficient customer service.

The Trucking Alliance is a coalition of transportation and logistics companies, as well as supporting businesses, that support regulatory and legislative proposals that they say could reduce large truck accidents, injuries and fatalities that occur each year on the nations’ highways.

Trucking Alliance companies operate more than 38,000 trucks, 110,000 semitrailers and containers, and employ 46,475 professionals who manage the safe and efficient delivery of products each day throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and globally.