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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Truckers save woman, grandchildren, dog


A 61-year-old grandmother has two truck drivers to thank for saving her, along with her two grandchildren and two dogs, from a fiery wreck.

The woman was traveling north of Bellingham, Wash., Tuesday around mid-morning. She had two four-year-olds, her grandchildren, with her in the cab of her pick-up truck, as well as three dogs. As she approached the crest of a small hill, a Mustang waiting to turn left in the lane of oncoming traffic was hit from behind by a delivery van. The Mustang shot forward and entered the path of the pickup truck, which struck it and went spinning into the ditch alongside the road, catching fire almost immediately.

Two truck drivers from LTI Inc. witnessed the accident. They stopped their trucks and ran with their fire extinguishers to beat back the fire. With the help of at least one other Good Samaritan, the unnamed truckers pulled the victims from the pickup.

The grandmother sustained serious injuries and was taken by ambulance to an area hospital. Her grandchildren suffered minor injuries. One of the dogs perished in the fire, but the other two were rescued. No one else involved in the accident was seriously injured.