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Monday, December 5, 2022

Truckers block traffic to help an elderly man

A video, taken by a truck driver’s dash-cam reveals a couple of drivers who block traffic to protect an elderly man collect the contents of his wallet that flew across the highway, was shared to Facebook by Michael Whynot on September 3.

Whynot writes:

“So, traffic comes to a halt on Highway 12 and as it turns out this old man had left his wallet on the roof of his truck which come flying off on Highway 12. Well, the guy is shuffling around the highway picking up all of his business… The poor dudes cards and cash are blowing all around the highway and all people are doing is just driving around him. When I came up to him I couldn’t believe what I saw and how dangerous it was. So I came to a stop, set my brakes on got out to help him as well as a southbound truck we blocked traffic until everything was picked up !!

“Screw you traffic, you can sit there and wait until the old fella is done! LOL”