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Trucker who comforts dying woman located

Trucker who comforts dying woman located

A Hugo, OK. family has found the trucker who stayed and comforted their daughter after she suffered extreme injuries following a car wreck.

Twenty-five-year-old Dorothy Marko was driving down U.S. Highway 70 on April 23 when she ran off the road, hit a tree and her car burst into flames. She managed to crawl from the wreckage but died of her injuries later.

First responders told her mother a truck driver had stopped to check on her. He stayed with her and comforted her until crews arrived. The mother contacted a news station asking for help in finding out the driver’s identity.

On Saturday, Marko’s mother posted on her Facebook page that the driver had been located. “I found the truck driver that tried to help my daughter Dorothy Marko, her Guardian Angels name is Darrell Cloyd he drives for RDF Logistics out of Loraine Ohio, he stopped when no one else would! Bless Him Always,” wrote Brenda Marko.

Marko said she’s hopeful they can meet each other next time Cloyd is in town.