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Trucker Protests in Milton,North Bay, drivers say they are being “unfairly targeted” by MTO

Vicky Dhillon City Councillor Brampton listening to truckers

(April 27, 2012) — For the second day, a group of truck drivers are staging a protest at the Trafalgar South Truck Inspection Station on the eastbound Hwy. 401 in Milton, Ont.

More than 50 truck drivers have parked their gravel and dump trucks near the MTO weigh station this afternoon, at one point backing up traffic for five km on Hwy. 401 and slowing down inspection operations.

There was also a separate protest at the weighs scale in North Bay involving about 60 drivers, which also caused some disruption.

According to media reports, the drivers say they are being “unfairly targeted” by MTO enforcement.

One of the trucker posted on Facebook that  we need to keep fighting with these MTO untrained guys who have have no clue what they r doing. If they cant find anything wrong they will issue you a ticket or out of service for scratch on a Aluminum rim calling it a crack in the rim or any other little thing they can. Most of them have no clue what weights are legal weights with these new SPIF specifications on new trailers.

OTA  said it has learned that the protests stem from recent enforcement of the SPIF regulations requiring axles to equalize weight on loads as part of the weights and dimension reforms. Full enforcement of axle load equalization began April 1.

MTO officials and the OPP are on sight and are hopeful for peaceful resolution. Desi Trucking Magazine is trying to find out the real causes and will be updated soon.