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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Truck Parking Improvements on the Coquihalla

British Columbia announced a major highway upgrade to the Coquihalla Highway to provide additional safety for the commercial trucking industry.

The Box Canyon chain-up area, located approximately 30 kilometres north of Hope on Highway 5, will undergo a significant expansion to accommodate up to 70 commercial trucks. This project will also see the addition of new deceleration and acceleration lanes as well as new washroom facilities and more parking.

In addition to the Box Canyon chain-up area, work will begin on construction of a new chain-off area at the existing Coquihalla Summit Recreational parking lot as well as the extension of the third southbound lane near the Great Bear Snow Shed.

These upgrades will improve the safety of Highway 5 – a critical trade corridor linking the lower mainland of British Columbia with the rest of Canada.

Trucks using Highway 5 during winter storms are required to use chains. Using chains helps reduce the number of accidents, saves lives and keeps the highway open. Expanding the Box Canyon chain-up area will provide a safe place for truck drivers to put chains on their trucks, and the new chain-off area will provide a safe place for them to take the chains off.

The Government of Canada will provide up to $7.3 million through the Building Canada Fund and B.C. will provide $10.3 million towards this $17.6-million project.