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Tredroc Tire Services implements NexTraq’s GPS fleet tracking solution

Tredroc Tire Services implements NexTraq’s GPS fleet tracking solution

Tredroc Tire Services has implemented NexTraq’s GPS fleet tracking solution to better manage its fleet of 400 vehicles throughout the Great Lakes and Middle South regions of the United States.

Tredroc’s Commercial and Off the Road (OTR) divisions each use NexTraq to dispatch service vehicles for on-site and emergency services; track sales and service vehicles and other assets for location, time on site, and other metrics; ensure safe driving practices among their drivers; and provide safe driving coaching, when necessary.

“We find that the NexTraq platform is versatile and easy to use, and is just what we needed to help us be better prepared to serve the Commercial and OTR tire needs of our trucking, municipal, construction, and mining customers alike,” said John Boynton, CEO at Tredroc Tire Services. “The dispatching capabilities are excellent. By having the ability to send messages directly to the truck’s Garmin and re-route our drivers while on the road, we are better equipped to react to our customer’s needs. Additionally, we are looking forward to the reduction of idle time inefficiencies the Nextraq solution will enable us to minimize.”

Tredroc utilizes NexTraq’s Driver Safety Scorecard, which allows the company to monitor and identify any driver that may have inappropriate driving habits, such as hard braking, quick acceleration, sharp cornering and excessive speeding, in order to ensure such habits are corrected and drivers remain safe behind the wheel.

“The Driver Safety Scorecard is a great report that we are using to ensure safe driver behavior,” said Chad Cochrane, director of fleet operations at Tredroc. “The report is now part of an integral safety initiative that Tredroc is implementing in close cooperation with our insurance carrier. We are tracking driver behaviour, and will provide coaching for drivers who are not performing within guidelines. This will help with our goal to reduce insurance premiums, and this report is vital to provide the information we need.”

The Driver Safety Scorecard report provides a graphic ranking of drivers, allowing companies to identify risky drivers and behaviour, and take proactive actions to teach drivers to be safer behind the wheel. Ultimately, by eliminating aggressive driving from their fleet, businesses can cut down on fuel costs and vehicle wear-and-tear, as well as insurance and potential collision expenses.

“Our goal at NexTraq is to provide our customers with a robust fleet management solution that is incredibly intuitive and easy to use,” said Jeff Lamb, president at NexTraq. “Like many of our customers, Tredroc Tire Services is able to take advantage of not only tracking and dispatching, but is also discovering a wealth of new benefits such as our Driver Safety Scorecard report that will help educate their drivers on unsafe activities and reduce their profile when it comes to dangerous driver behaviour .”