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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Training? What’s That?


Truck Training, not the truck training the teaches a driver how to drive, how to pass government testing, the kind of training that teaches the accomplished driver how to drive this particular truck is sorely lacking.  

There’s lots of gnashing of teeth, and scratching of heads trying to figure out why wrecks are happening even when technology is supposed to be making things safer.  

A well experienced trucker posted his pride as his company stepped him up from a 2016 to a 2019 model.   It doesn’t matter the make, it’s irrelevant to this point.  His training for the 2019 was moving his gear from the 2016 to the 2019.   

When the administration people in the office get a new photocopier for the office, the photocopier supplier makes sure that all personnel required to use the photocopier.  Instructions are usually left informing anyone not trained are not to use the photocopier.   It’s a photocopier, it has the potential to kill and maim hundreds, no, thousands of people daily.   

Well the photocopier may not kill thousands daily, It doesn’t even have the potential, yet training is absolutely required.   While to step up to a new truck where technology is constantly being upgraded but the skill level of the driver isn’t.  

The mind doth boggle at the insanity.  How much is it going to cost to take that driver for a one day, even a one minute, training session on this new equipment so he or she has at the very least been exposed to the bells and whistles and how the various systems are supposed to work?

Back in the day in a step up from a 1980 to a 1985 model, both had a 13 over transmission.  The old one you preselected the splits, the training received for the new one was “oh, by the way, you don’t preselect, split as you go through neutral”.  At least they mentioned there was a difference.