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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Torque Fin Wrench Stabilizer Allows True Readings.


AME International, a provider of wheel service equipment and tools based out of Florida, launched a new product, the Torque Fin, a torque wrench-stabilizing accessory for commercial fleet tire service.

“The Torque Fin is the fastest way for one person to torque wheel nuts – ideal for service technicians to get off the roadside, yet still provide proper torque,” according to the company. “Made in America out of recycled plastic, the Torque Fin is both durable and lightweight. Using leverage, the Torque Fin links to commercial torque wrenches, allowing a single person to torque with precision and ease.”

“From the first time we met with Keith Jarman and the AME team, we could see that the product line and customer base of AME would be a perfect fit for the Torque Fin,” said Greg Robinson, Torque Fin inventor and owner. “We have lived, breathed and preached ‘proper torque,’ and to partner with AME, who directly services the large-truck tire service market, is a huge step forward in promoting accurate torque on truck wheels. This ultimately means improved safety and reduced liability.”

To request additional information about AME International and this new partnership, email sales@ameintl.net or call (352) 799-1111