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Sunday, June 23, 2024

TMC Releases Tech Manual

American Trucking Assns.’ Technology & Maintenance Council announced it released updates for three maintenance manuals to help train technicians in conducting “timely, thorough and efficient preventive maintenance inspections.”

Updated under the guidance of TMC’s Educators Committee, the manuals are written specifically for the technician with inspection checkpoints, work accomplished documentation, management approval and installation of the preventive maintenance inspection label after the vehicle passes U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines, according to the council. The three manuals are: Preventive Maintenance Inspection Guidelines for Class 7 & 8 Diesel-Powered Tractors; Preventive Maintenance Inspection Guidelines for Trailers & Material Handling Equipment; and Preventive Maintenance Inspection Guidelines for Light- & Medium-Duty Vehicles.

“These updates are important tools to assure that our technicians and fleets are doing everything they can to keep our trucks moving safely,” ATA president and CEO Chris Spear said. “Highway safety is paramount and TMC’s work helps keep our industry safe and maintains trucking as the most effective mode in moving our nation’s freight.”

“These latest PMI Guidelines cover critical areas for fleet operators to be able to prevent costly vehicle breakdowns,” said Carl Kirk, ATA vice president of maintenance, information technology & logistics. “By following each manual’s quality PMI program, fleets are provided a road map to follow for maximum return on assets and optimal component life of major vehicle systems.”

The updated PMI Guidelines, researched and tested by TMC-member companies, provide the procedures and guidance for maintaining compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance Safety Accountability vehicle maintenance Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Category. The guidelines assign more than 120 checkpoints while referencing TMC recommended practices.

More information about the PMI Guidelines is available by contacting Ross Froat at (703) 838-7980 or rfroat@trucking.org. For purchasing PMI Guidelines and large order discounts, contact ATA’s Market Place at (866) 821-3468 or purchase online.