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Monday, May 27, 2024

Time to change those under-hood belts

Continental recommends that professional technicians understand the importance of changing under-hood belts with all-inclusive kit products rather than individual components – especially before fall and winter arrive.

“As the summer comes to a close and children head back to school, consumers will be logging miles carpooling students to many games and after-school activities,” said Tom Lee, Continental’s marketing manager for North American automotive aftermarket products. “Now is the perfect time of the year for drivers to prepare their vehicles for the additional miles and inclement weather the fall and winter months will bring. That’s why we recommend to all professional repair technicians to replace all accessory drive components at the same time to prevent the serpentine belt from premature and uneven wear, reducing the chance for loss of tension or belt slippage on any of the system’s components.”

Continental noted that it continues to offer Elite belts, tensioners and idlers in the Elite Poly-V kits. “The operative suggestion is to not replace one single component, but replace them all to ensure continuous and optimum engine operation,” Lee explained.

As an added incentive to professional technicians to promote and use them, the kits are now eligible for redemption in the Elite RPM Club, and during the months of September through November, they can earn double points, the company said. “It’s an excellent way for a technician to not only impress upon the customer that an all-component replacement is safer and more cost-effective, but also it rewards the technician for his or her efforts,” according to Lee.