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Time is Ripe for Trucking M&As, Report Says

(May 9, 2012) — A sluggish economy combined with tight capacity levels continues to make mergers, and acquisitions and other initiatives attractive within the trucking industry, according to global consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

“Trucking is still a very fragmented industry; there are a lot of players out there. And the advantages of becoming a larger company in this segment remain strong, as it affords an opportunity to add customers and qualified employees – especially drivers,” Ken Evans, U.S. transportation and logistics leader at PwC, told Fleet Owner after the firm released a survey on the matter.

Evans says there’s a strong push for deals in trucking to “gain greater customer, and thus, ‘freight diversity’ so carriers can weather market volatility better.”

Additionally, the need for greater “geographic diversity” will also drive such deal-making efforts, he said.