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What’s the difference?

With the economic climate as it is, todays truck owners are holding onto equipment longer. With the average age of a commercial truck approaching nine years, more owners than ever are having to deal with major powertrain component failures.

Due to this fact, owners are faced with a couple of challenges:

First, where do you take your truck to get the repairs done? Do you take it to the dealer that is open 24/7, to a general repair shop or to a powertrain specific shop that specializes in the repair of transmissions and differentials? Depending on which shop you go to, the technician working on your truck may be dealing with your particular problem for the first time or the 101st time.

Second, if the diagnosis points to major component failure, the owner will have to decide between repairing the failed component or purchasing a rebuilt exchange unit. However, whether you decide on a rebuilt exchange unit or to rebuild your own, it is important to know that not all exchange units and the parts they contain are created equally. Some shops will only use genuine OEM parts; some will only use aftermarket parts, while others will use both genuine and aftermarket parts.

There will always be customers who make purchases based on price alone. But, as a rebuilder who warranties repairs, it is very important that we be wary of parts that won’t deliver the reliability and performance that our customers have come to expect. To keep costs low, aftermarket parts may contain cheaper materials and lower grades of metals that can lead to premature component failures. While on the other hand, some aftermarket suppliers claim that their parts are made with metals that are as good or even superior to genuine OEM parts.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to find a dependable, reliable transmission and differential rebuilder that you can trust to deliver a quality product with a high caliber of after sale support.

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