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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Telogis Introduces Workforce


Telogis, A Verizon Company, introduced Telogis Workforce, a new extension to its enterprise software platform.

Workforce allows customers to plan and dispatch work, navigate between jobs, monitor progress, communicate with customers, capture digital signatures, automate plan vs. actual reporting, and “make the most of strategic insights and forecasting to help reduce operating costs and exceed customer expectations,” according to the company.

“Telogis Workforce was developed to promote the delivery of accurate ETAs, optimized planning, better visibility on jobs and improved communication with end customers,” said Jason Koch, senior vice president at Verizon Telematics. “Workforce delivers a simple, one-stop approach to mobile workforce management.”

Resource planning and utilization tools

The Workforce Planning edition is a dynamic routing and near real-time work order management solution within Telogis Workforce designed for ease of use. It helps customers maximize productivity and revenue by automating, forecasting and allocating workers and assets, Telogis stated.

The product allows users to create, compare and run scenarios based on different rule sets, constraints and resource allocation to optimize their processes and save time. The Planning feature can also assign the appropriate resources while helping to achieve maximum return on investment. The user interface is customizable and provides a “convenient” view of routes, jobs and maps.

Real-time customer communication

Telogis Workforce also includes LiveETA (estimated time of arrival), an app that provides real-time ETA updates for delivery and service companies’ end customers. LiveETA lets those customers track drivers, receive updates on the latest appointment times via text and email, and view changes to ETA in real time.

Telogis noted that more accurate ETA information gives end customers better visibility and control while driving overall satisfaction.