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Thursday, May 30, 2024

TCA gets new president



ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A trucking publisher is taking over the leadership of a major US industry association.

As a result of Chris Burruss resigning in June, The Truckload Carriers Assosication (TCA has chosen BRAD BENTLEY to serve as President.

Following graduation from journalism school, Bentley spent six years in driver recruitment advertising sales and 15 years as a publisher of a trucking publication. He also worked as editorial director for Randall-Reilly.

“Brad is a bright, creative, ‘roll-up-your-sleeves and earn your stripes kind of guy’ who knows trucking’s issues, companies, and people, said TCA Chairman Shepard Dunn. “With his outstanding communication skills, there’s no doubt he will make a positive impact on TCA’s members, programs, and sponsorships. I feel confident he will be a natural fit with our organization.”

Bentley is already familiar with the organization. He sits on the TCA’s board of directors, is a member of its recruitment and retention human resources committee and has served as co-chair of the TCA’s image and communications policy committee.

“I’m honored to have been selected. It’s a life-changing deal for me,” said Bentley. “My career has been about creativity and collaboration, and I’m a big networker, so you’ll see me out there ‘beating the streets’. I’m planning to offer the TCA members a value-driven agenda.”