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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Sutco celebrated 20 years of serving the logging industry

Sutco began back in 1995 when Chris Sutherland, his father, Robert Sutherland, and now wife, Melanie Sutherland, decided to join forces and start their own trucking company dedicated to the log hauling industry. They set up shop in a spare room of a mobile home. Within the first five years the company built its fleet up and had 12 trucks running for them.

And since then, business just kept on growing.

Today, Sutco consists of a fleet of 75 trucks and 137 trailers.

The celebration took place at its head office in Salmo, B.C. where almost 300 people gathered to congratulate the company on its longevity and success over the years. The day involved a BBQ and go karts, sponsored by Kaltire, a bouncy castle for kids sponsored by Inland Kenworth, an excavator contest sponsored by Brandt Tractor and a rock n’ roll concert sponsored by Cookson Motors.

“Our mission was always to remain a family run operation, with family being a top priority for ourselves and our employees, and we strive to maintain this on a daily basis,” said Melanie Sutherland, accounting manager and owner of Sutco. “We look forward to making this coming year one of our best years yet, we thank all of our employees for their continued dedication to Sutco. We realize our staff is by far our most valued asset.”

To thank its staff, Sutco recognized its long-standing employees with gifts. Five year staff got jackets, while staff who have been around for a decade received watches.

“The day was a huge success,” added Melanie.