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Friday, March 1, 2024

Spring Thaw Restriction in Ontario

Under the Highway Traffic Act, the province enforces reduced load restrictions on trucks to protect Ontario’s highways during spring thaw, when road damage is most likely to occur.
Note: The Raw Forest products freeze up period is in effect for all areas.

All annual and project overweight permits are not valid on any highways unless otherwise specified on the permit during:
March and April in Southern Ontario
March, April and May in Northern Ontario
For purposes of this restriction, the province is divided, west to east, by:
a line formed by the Severn River to Regional Rd. 169
Regional Rd. 169 from Washago to Hwy. 12
Hwy. 12, from Regional Rd. 169 to Hwy. 7, north of Sunderland
Hwy. 7, from Hwy. 12 to Regional Rd. 7B at Carleton Place
Regional Rd. 7B to Hwy. 15
Regional Rd. 29 to Arnprior
Single trip permits, for moving of overloads on highways not designated in Schedules 1, 2 and 3, may be issued, but are subject to axle controls established by the Ministry of Transportation.