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Friday, March 1, 2024

SkyBitz adds solar-powered GPS

SkyBitz announced the Falcon GXT5000, a new solar-powered global positioning satellite asset tracking solution.

“The SkyBitz Falcon GXT5000 is the next generation of the company’s industry-leading machine-to-machine (M2M) asset tracking solutions on 3G/4G cellular networks,” the company said. “The solution delivers the visibility required to optimize operations within transportation, intermodal shipments, and other markets that rely on mobile assets.”

Upon availability of the Falcon GXT5000, KKW Trucking, a Pomona, CA-based truckload carrier operating in 11 western states has upgraded its fleet of over 1,000 dry-van trailers with the Falcon GXT5000. KKW is using the Falcon GXT5000 to gain better visibility and utilization over its trailers, the company noted.

“Since we started using the SkyBitz Falcon GXT5000, I’ve been particularly impressed with the accurate location and status reporting we’ve received and just how quick and easy it was to install the units on our trailers,” said Brandon Krueger, IT director, KKW Trucking. “Because the GXT5000 uses solar power to charge its batteries, we don’t have to worry about switching those out anymore. In addition to evolving its products, SkyBitz has provided us with a consultative service approach throughout our partnership, it has been an exceptional customer experience.”

A key benefit of the Falcon GXT5000 is the longevity of service life it can provide through its solar powered panels without replacing batteries, according to the company. The Falcon GXT5000 is configurable over-the-air and provides on-demand reporting. Using analytic dashboards and reports provided by SkyBitz, customers can improve on-time deliveries and reduce time wasted searching for available trailers/assets, thereby reducing driver frustration, SkyBitz added.

“We developed the Falcon GXT5000 to provide our customers with the ultimate long-lasting and hassle-free asset management solution,” said Henry Popplewell, president, SkyBitz. “The high demand from our customers tells us that we’ve accomplished those objectives with this product. KKW’s continued confidence in SkyBitz throughout our 12 year relationship underscores our commitment to delivering reliable solutions that enable our customers to more effectively cut costs and increase their asset utilization for increased profitability.”