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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sink Hole Claims Truck

A 55,000-pound truck fell into a sinkhole in Hall County, Ga. on Tuesday and workers were still trying to remove it late Wednesday.

The truck, belonging to Canada-based Badger Daylighting company which specializes in hydrovac trucks, was sitting in a car wash parking lot when the ground underneath gave way and it fell into an 8X10-foot hole near I-985. Fortunately the driver of the truck was unhurt.

City officials did some research and learned there is a large metal pipe that runs all the way across the parking lot. The pipe is made of corrugated metal and is about 5 feet high.
Officials believe over time the pipe eroded and rusted, and the truck fell right on top of it.
The truck contained 1,600 gallons of water, which workers pumped out to lighten the load. Most recently, a towing company is planning to dig a larger hole around the truck so they can drive or tow it out.