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Shippers Still Largely Unconcerned With CSA Scores; e-Logs Boost Compliance-TCP

Survey: Shippers Still Largely Unconcerned With CSA Scores; e-Logs Boost Compliance

Despite the litigious liabilities at play, shippers who do not appear overly concerned by carrier CSA scores has increased from 15% to 22%, according to a recent survey by Transport Capital Partners.

“We are at a loss to explain the increase in shippers not concerned. One possible explanation is that shippers simply do not use CSA scores as a determinant in choosing a carrier,” said Richard Mikes, TCP Partner.

It is possible, notes TCP, that many shippers still do not believe CSA scores reflect the actual safety of a carrier. More smaller carriers than larger carriers reported that their shippers are not concerned about CSA scores – 27% vs. 20%.

For the first time, the Business Expectations Survey asked carriers their current truck speed limit.

Nearly half of carriers (46%) indicated their speed limit was set at 65mph. Thirty-one percent indicated it was set at 63mph.

Carriers also report that driver acceptance of e-logs is increasing, HOS compliance is better and CSA scores have improved since full implementation.

With the knowledge that mandated electronic logs (e-logs) are coming in effect, the number of carriers who have not implemented any such technology continued to decline, from 33% in May 2012 to 18% in August 2013. The number of carriers surveyed who are committed to using e-logs is close to 60%, states TCP.