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Monday, May 27, 2024

Several MACK Trucks models recalled

Mack Trucks is recalling certain models in two separate issues filed with the National Highway Safety Administration, according to NHTSA documents.

The first recall affects Mack Granite and Mack Terrapro trucks model year 2016-2017. The affected trucks may be missing a roll pin to secure the upper steering yoke to the steering shaft. A complete loss of steering may occur, increasing the chances of a crash.

A separate recall affects Mack Granite, Pinnacle CHU, Pinnacle CXU, Terrapro LEU, Terrapro MRU and Titan TD trucks model year 2012-2015 and Mack LR trucks model year 2015. In affected trucks, the cap nut that retains the interaxle driveshaft yoke to the rear axle input shaft may loosen. The driveshaft can possibly disconnect as a result.