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Schneider Reduces Cargo Theft by 35%

(April 17 2012) — Even as cargo crime reports jump in North America, Schneider National says it reduced theft by 35 percent last year — its fifth straight year of decreased incidences and the largest single year drop in its history.

In a new company white paper, Schneider says it bucked the trend through a “multi-layered approach consisting of proactive communication with shippers, drivers and owner/operators, methodical procedures and top-notch technology.”

One key is using team drivers to move high-value loads, the company explains.

“The number one theft countermeasure is communication,” says Walter Fountain, director of loss prevention and enterprise security. “By understanding the ins and outs of the freight we’re shipping and how we engineer the loads, we are able to drastically alleviate risk as a fully synchronized team with our customer.”

Fountain also credited the company’s strategy of educating drivers and owner/operators by regularly communicating locations and types of thefts that are occurring; and incorporating cargo theft preventable measures into quarterly training sessions.

As well, the company utilizes a “combination of high-tech and low-tech security measures” such as satellite tracking on tractors, trailers and containers, 24/7 security monitoring, and high-security locks and seals on loads.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance has also worked hard to raise awareness of  cargo crime’s impact on the Canadian trucking industry and the general economy. After publishing a groundbreaking study detailing the problem, CTA also recently launched a cargo crime incident reporting program.