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Monday, February 26, 2024

Saskatchewan harmonizes B-Train length and allows for Aerodynamic Tails


Saskatchewan announced the increasing of B-train double trailer combination lengths and the highways on which they can travel in an effort to harmonize its regulations with neighbouring provinces and boost truck efficiency.

The province now allows B-train double trailer truck combinations to extend 27.5 metres, up from 26 metres. It has also added 300 kms of highways on which these combinations can gross 63,500 kgs, bringing the province’s full network to 6,400 kms.

“Better regulation of commercial trucking supports our economy by lowering costs, allowing more efficient movement of products across provincial borders and making our exporters more competitive,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Nancy Heppner said. “Our government has helped to pave the way for these changes through significantly increasing the length of the primary weight network and harmonizing regulations with our New West Partners and across the country.”

Other changes include increasing the allowable length of aerodynamic devices that can be attached to the back of trucks to improve fuel efficiency.

The changes were welcomed by the truck transport industry.

“It’s a win all-round,” Saskatchewan Trucking Association executive director Al Rosseker said. “It shows what positive results can be achieved when government and industry work together to bring about more efficiencies in freight transport.”