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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Quebec, Manitoba Announce Flexible Thaw Period Scheds

The Ministère des Transports du Québec has posted a list of “forecasted” dates for the 2012 thaw period.

The forecasted dates represent the most likely schedule for the beginning and ending of each of the three zones for the thaw period.

Zone 1 is tentatively slated for March 5. Zone 2 on March 12 and Zone 3 on the 19th.

Depending on changing weather conditions, the beginning and ending of the thaw period can be forestalled or delayed, says the ministry.

To visit the “thaw zones and periods” page of the ministry website, click here.

Meanwhile, Manitoba announced that heavy truck operators will see a shorter period of spring road restrictions as a result of changes to provincial policy.

According to an announcement from Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Steve Ashton, the new policy will take changing weather conditions into account in determining when spring road restrictions are set rather than using pre-set start and end dates.

Road restrictions could be in place as early as March 11, but will not last more than 56 days — down from 70 days previously.

Because of increased funding being directed toward highway and bridge upgrades, greater weights can be allowed on a number of roads, Ashton said.

“Manitoba is a major trade route and our recent upgrades to highways and bridges are now helping trucking firms, industries and farmers reduce hauling costs so they can operate more efficiently,” he stated in a press release. “This latest improvement, prepared in consultation with stakeholders and heavy truck operators, will also benefit other truckers and farmers using our roads and highways.”